About Me..
This photo is  in honor of my mom, Marguerite, who raised 5 children..all breastfed, holding her first granddaughter, Kayla Colleen in 1987.
Loving Hearts Lactation was a dream  that began 29 years ago after my first daughter was born.  I had such a difficult time nursing, and thanks to a wonderful lactation person, I was soon on my way!
I spent the next 27 years involved with La Leche League in CA and CO as a leader, and decided to sit for my International Boards in 2002, to be able to help other mothers gain the wonderful experience of loving and mothering through breastfeeding.
I became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2002, and have since helped thousands of mothers to reach their goal of successful breastfeeding. With 8000+ hours of hands-on experience, I've got a lot of practical experience to share with you and your family.  I am currently training a few lactation students each year to help reach more and more families, as they sit for their IBCLC credential.
With my dream becoming a reality, the best part is that I am always growing, learning, and changing.  My heart for nursing mothers, babies and families is constantly affording me welcome challenges as I help each one of you to grow and prosper with tender loving care. 
If you are having difficulty with your nursing experience, or just want to have additional practical information, please contact me.  All difficulties and challenges CAN be managed, and you CAN reach the goal you desire- BREASTFEEDING WITHOUT PAIN AND STRESS!
I look forward to assisting you toward your goal!
 If you are a grandparent or friend wanting to give a gift that keeps on giving, just let me know
and I can assist you in arranging for my services as a "special gift"  for that priceless mom and baby.
Contact me at ssullivan722@aol.com 
and put "LACTATION GIFT" in the    subject line.
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